Textile materials concists out of fibers . These may be natural or synthetic fibers. In clothing often blends of materials are used, such as polyester-cotton, wool and acrylic or cotton and elastane.

When a product is discarded and can not be reused directly , then fiberizing often is a good option. In such a process, the textile product is completely unraveled again until only fibers remain. The zippers , buttons and other non textile components mechanically removed by the machine.

Most the fibers which are recovered have a very good quality ( low pollution , sufficiently long fibers). These fibers can be used again for high quality products , troublesome factor is the fiber composition and color mix .
This can be improved by first sorting the textile for fiberization by color and type of fabric.

Texperium has been closely involved in a project in which a method has been developed to perform this sort automatically.

Fiberization of textile happens in the Netherlands only at Frankenhuis in Haaksbergen. They have the most modern fiberization machines of which very good quality fibers are being recovered.