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Textile recycling

Recycle like there's
no tomorrow

Over the years, more textiles are collected separately and more and more research is being done into textile recycling. The use of recycled materials is also increasing! But there are still major steps to be taken. At the moment, only 3% of all collected textiles are recycled in a high-quality way. That is why Texperium has specialized in high-quality industrial and mechanical textile recycling. 

The choice of raw materials can be a very important factor and contribute to the environmental impact of the textile chain. That is why the use of sustainably grown or produced raw materials is of great importance as well as the use of recycled raw materials is essential. You as an entrepreneur, government or consumer can also contribute to this. This is because new products can be made from mechanically recycled textiles if we work together with the right parties in the chain. Many textile flows are suitable for recycling and perhaps you still have textile waste? This includes industrial clothing, unsold stocks, production waste or other discarded textiles that are no longer used. Texperium can work with you to ensure that these waste can be used again as new raw materials.
Below you will find some partners who preceded you:

Durable laptop sleeve

KNVB feasibility project

Texperium developed a Christmas gift with a particularly sustainable character especially for KNVB employees. These laptop sleeves are made from recycled clothing from the Dutch represented teams.
Previously, this clothing was stored, but with the knowledge and expertise of Texperium we have been able to make new products out of it. The production of these covers has come about through mechanical and local recycling
production. In addition, this cover has been made with care and love by people at a distance from the labor market. In short: a unique product with a special story, in a special year 2020, especially for employees
of the KNVB.

Perhaps we can surprise you and your employees with a similar process.

Textile Project

NS Research trajectory

The Dutch Railways has an arsenal of trains. These trains are also given a new interior every once in a while. Texperium has investigated what was possible with the remaining textile flow from that interior. In the end
Together with a number of parties in the chain, we managed to make a high-quality felt from the discarded seat covers of the sprinter trains. Omar Munie's Dreamfactory has made some bags from this material,
but we still have enough in stock. interested? Look in our webshop.

We Fashion sweaters

Innovation process

Texperium and WE Fashion have taken an important step in the development of sustainable clothing. Under the title 'Fiber to Fiber', a sub-project on innovation for the circular economy within the European Clothing Action Plan,
the consortium has worked hard to develop two new yarns made from recycled cotton. The result is reflected in four fashionable sweaters for men. The sweaters were in the WE in the fall of 2018
Shops and online at the for sale for € 49.95.