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Project Plan Subsidy Application Grote R&D Samenwerkingsprojecten EFRO OP-OOST


The operational program (OP) EFRO Oost Nederland is a joint subsidy program of the provinces of Overijssel and Gelderland and works on structural strengthening of the economy. The Eastern Netherlands uses EFRO resources to stimulate innovation and a low-carbon economy. The aim is for more SMEs in the East Netherlands to generate more turnover from new products. The global demand for raw materials has exploded over the past century. The demand for raw materials is expected to increase further in the coming decades due to a growing world population and increasing consumption. This makes it increasingly important to use the available raw materials as efficiently as possible. 

Within the Suremade project, the consortium partners want to make interior textiles more sustainable by reducing the use of virgin materials through high-quality recycling, reduction and reuse of waste, implementation of recycling in design and professionalization and optimization, through automation, of the production process.

The sub-objectives of the project are:

- High-quality processing of waste flows into usable fibers for the development into interior textiles;
- Constant development of yarns based on high-quality recycled polyester;
- The development of sustainable and circular products for the interior textile sector:

Coulisse, Gaudium, Verosol and Texperium are joining to develop sustainable roller blinds and functional screens based on recycled polyester obtained from residual and waste flows from the textile industry. These flows are mechanically recycled by Texperium, in collaboration with chain partners, and processed into yarns. These technical yarns are woven by Gaudium into a fabric, Verosol refines this fabric through a unique metallization process into functional screens for the market and Coulisse processes the developed semi-finished product into durable roller blinds. Gebroeders van der Geest ensures that the 'real' waste flows from the project (short fibers and lace yarn) are also used for the development of a liquid wallcovering. For the products to be developed, it is not only important that the configuration and design are reconsidered, but also that the current production processes are further optimized and modernized. The aim is to manufacture products faster, more precisely, more consistently and qualitatively better: a crucial development in order to stay ahead of the competition and to keep the cost price of production in the Netherlands as low as possible.


The activities mentioned above are made possible by the Europese Unie en OP Oost.