Texperium offers various services that can create value and fulfil the different needs of various customers throughout the textile industry; from advisory services to product innovations. Texperium helps you finding the right solutions in all aspects of mechanical textile recycling and high-quality reprocessing. We help you to mobilize the maximum innovation and to integrate it with a structured approach. Texperium uses its technologies and knowledge in our pilot plant. We believe that for every organization new opportunities and benefits can be achieved in the textile industry.

Innovation processes

For organizations focused on the development and realization of product and process innovation. Knowledge-intensive, experimental, research-driven and long-term.

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Development processes

For organizations with innovative ideas for their current products / processes. Development-oriented, market-oriented and short-term implementation.

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Research processes

For organizations with a need for knowledge that will form the basis for long term changes within the organization and its products / services. Mid-term implementation

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Together we can integrate mechanically recycled textiles into all kinds of products