Texperium is an Open Innovation Centre for High-quality Textile Recycling in the Netherlands with impact across whole Europe. The Open Innovation Centre has the ambition to ensure that textile recycling become ‘business as usual’ in several years even ass the transition to a circular economy. With our signatory of  ‘het Grondstoffenakkoord’ and our co-operation on the ‘Transitieagenda consumptiegoederen’ which is part of ‘Nederland circulair in 2050’ gives our ambition strength.

Texperium specializes in advising and innovation in the field of textiles and mechanical recycling. Texperium has state of the art research facilities available for companies and institutions to support the development of innovations in textile reprocessing and the use of recycled materials in sustainable and profitable applications.

The research facilities bridge the gap between scientific research (small-scale, science-driven) and industrial development by experimental and pilot facilities on a semi-industrial scale. For the implementation of projects, consortia will be formed. In a project consortium an industrial company will always be in the lead in order to maximize the commercial potential of the results.


Conducting feasibility studies, pilot projects and extended research projects to further improve the possibilities for reuse of textile materials

Testing and deployment

Testing and implementation of new technologies (Rapid Testing and Fast Prototyping)


Disseminate and broaden obtained knowledge through symposiums, lectures and publications

Encourage and facilitate

Stimulating and facilitating research and development for reuse of textile raw materials in a pre-commercial stage


A platform for sustainable applications of recycled (textile) raw materials.


Initiating technology and product development