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Research projects

initiatives to

embrace textile recycling

Our ambition is to embrace and enable textile recycling initiatives by providing knowledge, experience and support. In 2009 we started as an open knowledge and innovation center for high-quality textile recycling. The immediate cause was the visible growth of textile waste steam, the expectation that the amount of textile waste will continue to grow and the lack of knowledge for high-quality reuse of textiles. Our strength now lies in bundling functionalities and knowledge that together create added value and ensure optimal reuse and recycling of textiles.

What is a research trajectory?

A research project at Texperium is aimed at conducting research and pilot projects to discover and possibly improve the possibilities of reusing textile raw materials.

The processes have a duration of approximately one year and are research and development intensive. It is aimed at product development and researching the possibilities for reuse of textile raw materials in a pre-commercial stage.

This includes: Examining whether your textile waste stream is suitable for high-quality reuse
Product development from your textile waste for company-related purposes Research into the recycling quality of your textile waste

In short: Research-oriented, experimental and feasible with short-term results.

For more questions, please send an e-mail to, stating Research trajectory.