In cooperation with the Dutch fashion brand MAISON the FAUX, Texperium is working on the project Couture Ordure. MAISON the FAUX want to meet the self-set goals. These goals are: developing high end international sustainable fashion. Since these sustainable materials are not available, MAISON the FAUX will develop her own materials that are combining recycling and upcycling in an innovative way.
MAISON the FAUX will combine her creative knowledge with the recycle expertise of Texperium. Through this cooperation, both companies are complementing each other during the development of a new, unknown product. In this project, there will be a practical research on the development of a new fabric made of recycled material. Texperium will mainly focus on the development of sustainable, innovative yarns, using recycled post-consumer textile waste. Furthermore, the developed yarns will be available for other companies. In this way, Couture Ordure also contributes in the availability and spreading of sustainable textiles.