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A few things we're great at

Is it crucial for you to find the right answers to the major challenge surrounding circularity and sustainability or to respond strategically to the issues surrounding textile recycling? We help you find sustainable solutions and improve your range of sustainable products. We provide all the support you need to sustain your long-term success.

Feasibility studies

Our feasibility programs are aimed at conducting research and feasibility studies to discover and possibly improve the possibilities of reusing textile raw materials. These processes are aimed at research and development for reuse at a pre-commercial stage. Research oriented, experimental and carried out in the short term.

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Research projects

Stimulating and facilitating research and development for the reuse of textile raw materials for organizations with innovative ideas. Texperium will implement, support, advise and bring together chains, so that there is maximum there is a chance that the results will be commercialized. Development oriented, market oriented, business driven and implementation in the short to long term.

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Innovation projects

Conducting long-term and experimental research into further improving the possibilities for reuse of textile raw materials. Testing and implementing new technologies. initiate technology and product development. Knowledge intensive, experimental
, and research-driven.
In the long run.

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