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Due to the rise of Fast Fashion and the exponential growth of textiles, the textile industry has radically changed over the last decades. Different unwanted social and environmental effects have made their entrance and require the right approach.

The open innovation centre Texperium strives to find the right approach and want to significantly reduce the environmental impact of the textile sector. We are a national and international orientated company that is specialized in the field of mechanical textile recycling and high-end reprocessing. We know the challenges in the current textile industry and translate your market problems into creative, circular, sustainable and innovative solutions by bringing together knowledge and innovation. We contribute to the development of a circular textile chain, but also to the opportunities and chances for your company. Together with you, we want to commit ourselves to the structural improvements in the industry. Will you join us?

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Texperium aims to bring all companies, sorters and recyclers together to create a sophisticated chain. This doesn’t only make the textile chain durable but also offers new market opportunities.


Entrants in the Texperium Foundation participate in projects and are actively informed about developments in the field of recycling of textiles through symposia, newsletters and thematic meetings.


Texperium is an open innovation centre where companies, knowledge institutes and government cooperate in research. Texperium can hereby make us of equipment for specialized tests.

Our goal is to make the integration of recycled
textiles in all sorts of products business as usual