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The Open Innovation Centre Texperium was established in 2010 as a non-profit foundation to raise textile recycling and bring textile recycling in the Netherlands to a higher level. Texperium is specialized in the technological area of mechanical textile recycling: sorting, shredding, and spinning of post-consumer textile materials.

The focus of Texperium is on mechanical recycling of non re-wearable post-consumer textiles, the so-called Flock and under-products, which now often go for incineration or very low value is reuse.

During the past 6 years we have made a modest contribute to a more sustainable textile industry in corporation with various industrial partners in the Netherlands and Europe.

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Texperium aims to bring sorters and recyclers together to create a sophisticated chain. This doesn’t only make the textile chain durable but also offers new market opportunities.

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Entrants in the Texperium Foundation participate in projects and are actively informed about developments in the field of recycling of textiles through symposia, newsletters and thematic meetings.


Texperium is an open innovation centre where companies, knowledge institutes and government cooperate in research. Texperium can hereby make us of equipment for specialized tests.

Our goal is to make the integration of recycled
textiles in all sorts of products business as usual

publications / products / services

Identix - 2001

EU Craft project Later T4T and is called now Fibersort by Valvan Belgium

Textile 4Textile - 2012

Ecoinnovation – www.textiles4textiles.eu

Jeans for Jeans - 2008

First jeans out of old jeans offered to Minister Cramer on 22th May 2008.

Ketex - 2013

Transferring recycled textile fibres into knitted products – National funding.

Twentse Textile Circel

Regional pilot project

projects and activities

Home Fashion Group

Developing collection, logistics and recycling of textiles into new product for the Home Fashion Group.

Suzlon Group India

Adding Value to Waste

Going Eco Going Dutch

Closing the Loop with Artez and Saxion